Session styles

Unleash 10

Exhausted perfectionist ready to recover? Get off the hamster wheel of punishing your body with exercise, and plunge into this new phase where honoring yourself comes first. 

Unleash 10 is the ideal starter for the woman searching for more energy, both physical and mental.

Accelerate 20

My perfectionist in recovery, I know how much you want to enjoy your movement! And not just check-off another to-do. Release external expectations and set yourself free to get stronger, more flexible, and relaxed on your own terms.



Accelerate 20 is perfect for the woman eager to unleash or unwind depending on her body’s energy on any given day.

Elevate 40

Are you ready to tell the patriarchy to f*ck off?


Elevate 40 is for the woman who wants and needs accountability in order to ensure she creates time for herself. 



Because she’s setting her world alight with her brilliance the rest of the day.

Talk to us

Have any questions? We are always open to talk about your wellness vision — goals and concerns — and how we can guide you there.

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